What is Shamanism?

Spiritual Path

Shamanism, in one form or another, is one of the most ancient spiritual paths, practised by people across every continent of our world, throughout time.

Different traditions, but one aim

While there are as many separate shamanic traditions as there are tribes or communities, at its core, the shamanic path is one that acknowledges the interconnection of all things; the presence of helping spirits who can support us on our journey; and reverence for the Earth as our provider.

Who are we?

In a sense, shamans were the first "hypnotherapists," in that they accessed trance states in order to provide enlightening or guidance for their tribes and communities.

How shamanism can help you?

Soul Retrieval

From a shamanic point of view part of the soul may split off, or dissociate, when we experience trauma or abuse. The soul part that splits off, slips into the spirit realm and out of time, becoming lost or stuck and leaving a hole in the soul that remains with the body.

Soul Part Integration Sessions

Once soul parts are retrieved, they need to be integrated back into the client’s vital life-force. The helping is deepened when the integration is done through shamanic journeying.

Power Retrieval Sessions

In a power retrieval session, the shaman retrieves a power animal or other helping spirit from non-ordinary reality for the client. This restores the client's power to protect and maintain their physical integrity.

Key Points for Underworld Journeying

About us


Shamanism is humanity’s oldest spiritual practice and tradition. We all share a shamanic heritage and as human beings, we all have the ability to work shamanically and to journey to the spirit worlds to meet our spiritual teachers. In traditional societies, the shaman journeys to the spirit worlds to ask for help on behalf of members of his community. This is achieved by going into an altered state of consciousness, normally induced by the monotonous sound of the drum or rattle. While contemporary shamanic counselling techniques draw on many indigenous shamanic principles, the practice also differs from shamanism as it is practised in traditional societies.

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