Holidays and the Philosophy
Behind Them

Taoist Teachings show that we are always changing. Times of change, are also the most powerful times to be alive: since we can use the energy of the times to help make any possibility (not just the negative ones) to be true and then thrive. So this is a time to flip everything around and make the world truly a new place: a place that will embrace both good and bad to be something new!

Working with Holiday Traditions

We might talk about peace during Christmas and New Year, and yet these holidays are often not peaceful at all. A tradition is an external story. Not everyone wants to hold the same story found within a tradition. We don’t have to accept a holiday as is; we always have the power to start new traditions or modify old traditions.

How to Change a Tradition

Change the Story

It’s possible to change the story behind a tradition. Look at how the story of Christmas has changed countless times. The current consumer story of Christmas is roughly a hundred years old.

How do you change the story of a tradition? Simply by creating a new routine for that tradition and consistently living to the new routine. People are creatures of habit; if you can stay true to a new set of routines for a holiday long enough, typically 3 to 5 years, it will become traditional.

Making a Holiday Personal

When you feel a tradition sucks, then it is your challenge to change that tradition’s story. You don’t have to change it for others, simply change it for yourself and family.

By Being Inspired by a Tradition

It’s always possible to use ideas from a tradition as inspiration for improving your daily life routines. Holidays are a time to pause in life. You can always use a holiday and its traditions as a time to pause and be inspired in life.

Releasing Conflict in Traditions

Think about how you will hold your stories during a holiday. Then compare it to how others shape that same tradition. Most everyone tries to force a tradition to meet their story or to some older unbending standard. In this, people fight over how to celebrate a tradition. When you get too many stories in play, then you will get conflict over which story gets air time.

It’s possible to regear your expectations and stories to better blend with other sets of expectations and stories.

Releasing Traditions

Not every tradition serves you or the community. When a tradition doesn’t reinforce positive stories, it becomes time to release the tradition.

It isn’t easy to release social traditions since society will actively push participation back onto you.

Typically you have to release a tradition gradually over several years to avoid conflict. Each year you let go a little more, till the tradition is gets too watered down to support itself.

Keeping a Tradition Fresh

Don’t let the tradition become stagnant in routine. Every year you can add something new to replace something old.

Evolve Your Tradition

Use any frustration from a tradition as a chance to examine your own life and choices. Change the tradition to meet your needs in life.

For instance, instead of limiting yourself to one new year resolution, why not let each new day inspire you. To let each day be a new year.