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Holidays and the Philosophy
Behind Them

Taoist Teachings show that we are always changing. Times of change, are also the most powerful times to be alive: since we can use the energy of the times to help make any possibility (not just the negative ones) to be true and then thrive. So this is a time to flip everything around and make the world truly a new place: a place that will embrace both good and bad to be something new!

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Your Brief Guide to Meditation

The mind is a busy hive of thoughts and we are jumping from ideas to emotions to memories for most of our waking hours. During meditation you will begin to witness how much movement happens in the mind and how little you live in the present moment. You can learn to observe your thoughts and perhaps begin to change them.

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How Can You Find Your Spirit Animal?

Finding your spirit animal can radically change your life in countless, positive ways. Working with your animal spirit guide’s ‘energy’ can help enhance your physical, emotional, and spiritual abilities.